Hey, late owl

— Let's pretend staying up late is totally a good idea!

I'm Junhao Zhang (张俊豪), but you can call me Jayz because it sounds cooler and it's easier to remember. I'm a Machine Learning Software Engineer who geeks out over GPU programming and advanced computing systems. My superpower? Making computers think faster and smarter, all while keeping my sanity (mostly) intact.

I've spent my professional life optimizing performance for some of the biggest names in tech, like Huggingface, Alibaba, and Microsoft. Imagine tweaking Llama2-70B models and working on cutting-edge AI projects while balancing on a unicycle—that's my daily grind, except the unicycle is my standing desk chair and I don't actually ride it… yet.

When I'm not busy making GPUs do my bidding, you can find me diving into new tech like Next.js and TypeScript. If that sounds a bit too nerdy, I also dabble in hobbies that involve less coding: hiking up tall mountains, scuba diving into the deep blue, and capturing the world through my camera lens.

  • BEng at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
    Conquered the fundamentals of engineering, mastering complex calculations and innovative problem-solving. Graduated with top marks and an impressive collection of late-night study hacks.

  • BEng at University of Liverpool
    Delved into advanced engineering concepts, leading group projects and acing exams. Engineered brilliant solutions and survived on a strict diet of fish and chips. Left with honors and an impressive Beatles playlist.

  • MSc at Imperial College London
    Mastered machine learning and discovered the secret coffee spots of London. Walked away with a degree and a habit of speaking in algorithms.

  • Software Engineer at AMD
    Enhanced GPU performance and optimized code, ensuring smooth graphics for gamers worldwide. Became a debugging ninja and a master of efficient code.

  • PhD at University of Oxford
    Currently decoding the universe's secrets and occasionally rowing on the Thames. Mixing groundbreaking research with tea breaks and punting adventures